Basic Speed

±5 points per ±0.25 Speed

Your Basic Speed is a measure of your reflexes and general physical quickness. It helps determine your running speed (see Basic Move, below), your chance of dodging an attack, and the order in which you act in combat (a high Basic Speed will let you “out-react” your foes).

To calculate Basic Speed, add your HT and DX together, and then divide the total by 4. Do not round it off. A 5.25 is better than a 5!

You can increase Basic Speed for 5 points per +0.25, or reduce it for -5 points per -0.25. In a realistic campaign, the GM should not allow characters to alter Basic Speed by more than 2.00 either way. Nonhumans and supers are not subject to this limit.

Dodge: Your Dodge defense (see Dodging, p. 374) equals Basic Speed + 3, dropping all fractions. For instance, if your Basic Speed is 5.25, your Dodge is 8. Encumbrance reduces Dodge; see Encumbrance and Move (below). You must roll under your Dodge on 3d to
duck or sidestep an attack.

Basic Speed

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