Buying Skills

In order to learn or improve a skill, you must spend character points. When you spend points on a skill, you are getting training to bring that skill up to a useful level. Skills are easy to learn at first – a little training goes a long way! But added improvement costs more.

The point cost of a skill depends on two things: its difficulty and the final skill level you wish to attain. Use the Skill Cost Table (below) to calculate a skill’s point cost.

The first column shows the skill level you are trying to attain, relative to the skill’s controlling attribute – DX for DX-based skills, IQ for IQ-based skills, and so forth. For instance, if your DX were 12, a level of “Attribute-1” would be DX-1, or 11; “Attribute+0” would be DX, or 12; and “Attribute+1” would be DX+1, or 13.

The next four columns show the character point costs to learn skills of different difficulties – Easy, Average, Hard, and Very Hard – at the desired skill level. Harder skills cost more points to learn!

Example: A warrior with DX 14 wishes to learn Shortsword (DX/Average) at level 17. Since skill 17 is equal to his DX+3, he goes to the “Attribute+3” row. Then he reads along the row to the “Average” column to find the point cost: 12 points.

There is no limit (except lifespan) to the amount of improvement possible with any skill. However, the useful maximum for most skills is between 20 and 30. Problems to challenge a greater skill are rare!

Buying Skills

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