Clerical Investment

5 points

You are an ordained priest of a recognized religion. You enjoy a number of privileges that a layman lacks, notably the authority to preside over weddings, funerals, and similar ceremonies. This gives you a +1 reaction bonus from co-religionists and those
who respect your faith, and entitles you to use a title – Father, Sister, Rabbi, etc.

Remember that not all clerics are “good”! Aka’Ar, high priest of the unholy Cult of Set, is also a vested priest. The blessings and marriages he performs are as meaningful to his followers as those of a vicar are to his parish. And – if Set so wills – Aka’Ar can
perform exorcisms as potent as those of a Christian priest, if not more so. After all, Aka’Ar has a better working knowledge of demons . . .

Clerical Investment is purely social in nature. It does not confer miraculous powers. If you wish to wield divine power by proxy, take Blessed (p. 40), Power Investiture (p. 77), or True Faith (p. 94).

Clerical Investment includes Religious Rank 0 (see p. 30). If you want more influence within your church, buy up your Rank.

Clerical Investment

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