Damage (Dmg)

see Striking ST (p. 88)

Your ST determines how much damage you do in unarmed combat or with a melee weapon. Two types of damage derive from ST:

Thrusting damage (abbreviated “thrust” or “thr”) is your basic damage with a punch, kick, or bite, or an attack with a thrusting weapon such as a spear or a rapier.

Swinging damage (abbreviated “swing” or “sw”) is your basic damage with a swung weapon, such as an axe, club, or sword – anything that acts as a lever to multiply your ST.

Consult the Damage Table (p. 16) for your basic damage. This is given in “dice+adds” format; see Dice (p. 9). Note that specific attack forms and weapons can modify this!

Add 1d to both thrust and swing damage per full 10 points of ST above 100.

Damage is often abbreviated “Dmg.” On your character sheet, list thrust followed by swing, separated by a slash; e.g., if you had ST 13, you would list “Dmg 1d/2d-1.”

Damage (Dmg)

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