Eidetic Memory

5 or 10 points

You have an exceptionally good memory. Anyone may attempt an IQ roll to recall the general sense of past events – the better the roll, the truer the memory, but the details are sketchy. With this talent, you automatically succeed at these “memory rolls,” and you often recall precise details. This trait comes in two levels:

Eidetic Memory: You automatically remember the general sense of everything you concentrate on, and can recall specific details by making an IQ roll. It is possible to “learn” this advantage in play (bards and skalds often acquire it to recall poems and songs).* 5 points.*

Photographic Memory: As above, but you automatically recall specific details, too. Any time you, the player forget a detail your character has seen or heard, the GM or other players must remind you – truthfully! 10 points.

This trait affects recall, not comprehension, and so does not benefit skills. However, it gives a bonus whenever the GM requires an IQ roll for learning: +5 for Eidetic Memory, +10 for Photographic Memory.

Eidetic Memory

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