Extra Attack

25 points/attack

You can attack more than once per turn. The “default” assumption in GURPS is that you can make one attack per turn, no matter how many limbs you have. Each Extra Attack
allows one additional attack per turn. You may not have more attacks than you have limbs (arms, legs, etc.), natural weapons (Strikers, Teeth, etc.), and attack powers (Afflictions, Bindings, and Innate Attacks) with which to attack. The GM’s word on what
constitutes an “attack” is final.

A normal human can purchase one Extra Attack. This lets him attack with both hands at once, and represents unusually good coordination. Supers and nonhumans have no such limitation. A super-powered cop could buy two Extra Attacks, enabling him to shoot rays from his eyes, fire his pistol, and swing his nightstick all at once. A dragon might take four Extra Attacks and attack five times with any combination of his four clawed limbs, teeth, horns, tail, and fiery breath!

Extra Attack is exactly that: an extra Attack maneuver on your turn in combat. It does not eliminate the -4 penalty for an “off” hand (see Ambidexterity, p. 39) or let you take multiple Aim maneuvers (see Enhanced Tracking, p. 53). You may use some of your attacks for Feint maneuvers, but you many not take multiple actions of other kinds – that requires Altered Time Rate (p. 38).

Extra Attacks and All-Out Attack

When an individual with Extra Attacks makes an All-Out Attack, he must select one type of bonus for all his attacks that turn. He could not, for instance, take All-Out Attack (Determined) with one attack and All-Out Attack (Strong) with another. If he
chooses All-Out Attack (Double) to increase his number of attacks, he gets one additional attack.

Extra Attacks and Rapid Strike

You may use one of your melee attacks to make a Rapid Strike (see p. 370) on your turn, at the usual penalty. Your remaining attacks are in addition to this Rapid Strike, and
receive no penalty. You may not use Rapid Strike with two or more attacks in one turn.

Extra Attack

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