You saved someone’s life, kept silent at the right time, or otherwise did someone a good turn. Now he owes you one.

A Favor is a one-shot Ally, Contact, Contact Group, or Patron. Work out the point cost of the parent advantage, and then divide it by 5 (round up) to get the cost of the Favor. The catch is that the NPC in question will help you out once . . . and only once.

When you wish to “collect” on your Favor, the GM rolls against the frequency of appearance of the underlying advantage. On a failure, you couldn’t reach your “friend” in time, or he couldn’t comply, but you still have your Favor coming. You may try again on a later adventure.

On a success, you get what you want (subject to the limits of the advantage). But this discharges the obligation: remove the Favor from your character sheet and reduce your
point total appropriately. However, if the roll is a 3 or 4, your “friend” still feels indebted to you, and you retain the Favor . . . at least until next time.

You may buy a Favor in play, just like any trait of this kind. The GM may also wish to include a Favor as part of the reward for a successful adventure.


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