Hit Points (HP)

±2 points per ±1 HP

Hit Points represent your body’s ability to sustain injury. By default, you have HP equal to your ST. For instance, ST 10 gives 10 HP.

You can increase HP at the cost of 2 points per HP, or reduce HP for -2 points per HP. In a realistic campaign, the GM should not allow HP to vary by more than ±30% of ST; e.g., a ST 10 character could have between 7 and 13 HP. Nonhumans and supers are not
subject to this limit.

You can temporarily lose HP to physical attacks (such as swords), energy attacks (such as lasers), supernatural attacks, disease, poison, hazards, and anything else that can injure or kill. You can also “burn” HP to power certain supernatural abilities. If
you lose enough HP, you will eventually fall unconscious; if you lose too many HP, you will die. Lost HP do not reduce ST, despite being based on ST.

Injury is often compared to a multiple of your HP; e.g., “2xHP” or “HP/2.” Where this is the case, use your basic HP score in the formula, not your current HP total.

For information on the effects of injury and on recovering lost HP, see pp. 418-425.

Hit Points (HP)

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