Improving Your Skills

There are two direct ways to increase your skills in play: spend the bonus points you earn for successful adventuring on new or better skills, or dedicate game time to study, which gives you points you can use to add or improve the skills you studied. In either
case, the cost to improve a skill is the difference between the cost of the desired
skill level and the cost of your current skill level. For more information, see
Chapter 9.

Free Increases in Skills

There is one way to increase many skills at once: pay the points to improve an attribute (see Chapter 9). If you do this, all your skills based on that attribute go up by the same amount, at no extra cost. For instance, if you raise DX by one level, all of your DX-based skills also go up by one level. Further improvements are based on the new
DX value.

You can also base skills on “defaults” from other skills; see Defaulting to Other Skills (p. 173). Any skill bought up from such a default is likely to enjoy a free increase when you raise the skill to which it defaults.

Improving Your Skills

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