Legal Enforcement Powers

5, 10, or 15 points

You are a law enforcer, with the accompanying powers and restrictions. In some times and
places, this amounts to a license to kill. In others, it’s little more than the right to
carry a badge and write parking tickets.

The point cost depends on the kinds of laws you enforce, the size of your jurisdiction, how answerable you are for your actions, and the degree of respect you must show for the civil rights of others:

• You have local jurisdiction, the ability to arrest suspected criminals, the power to perform searches with an appropriate warrant, and possibly the right to carry a concealed weapon. Examples: a Victorian bobby or a modern policeman. 5 points.

• As above, but you also have national or international jurisdiction, or are not obligated to respect the civil rights of others, or are free to engage in covert investigations, or may kill with relative impunity. Examples: an FBI agent or a medieval Royal Guardsman. 10 points.

• You have three or more of the above abilities. Examples: a Gestapo, KGB, or Stasi agent. 15 points.

Legal Enforcement Powers almost always require an appropriate Duty (p. 133). In some cases, a Reputation (positive, negative, or mixed) is also appropriate. All levels of Legal Enforcement Powers include Police Rank 0 (see p. 30). To become a senior
law enforcer, buy more Rank.

Legal Enforcement Powers

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