Lightning Calculator

2 or 5 points

You have the ability to do math in your head, instantly. This talent comes in two levels:

Lightning Calculator: You, the player, may use a calculator at any time, to figure anything you want – even if your character is fleeing for his life! For simple math problems, the GM may just say that your character knows the answer. 2 points.

Intuitive Mathematician: As above, but your ability is not limited to arithmetic. You can perform astrogation without a computer, do any level of engineering design in your head, and solve differential equations almost instantaneously. You never need a cal-
culator; you yourself are far faster than that, and even faster than many computers. 5 points.

True mathematical geniuses will have one of the above traits and one or more levels of Mathematical Ability (see Talent, p. 89).

Lightning Calculator

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