Rapier Wit

5 points

You can use witty repartee to stun your foes in combat. This does not require a combat maneuver – talking is a free action (p. 363). Roll a Quick Contest of Public Speaking skill vs. your opponent’s Will.

Modifiers: -2 if your target has the Clueless or No Sense of Humor disadvantage; any modifier the GM assigns based on your description of the verbal attack; -1 per opponent beyond the first to affect a group (and you must know something the entire group has in common; e.g., they’re all flunkies of the same household or members of the same military unit). Opponents with the Unfazeable advantage (p. 95) are immune to Rapier Wit.

If you win, your opponent is mentally stunned (see p. 420). A critical success causes one HP of physical damage as well – your victim injures himself accidentally (drops
something on his foot, chokes on his own tongue, etc.). If you lose, there is no effect. On a critical failure, you enrage your opponent, possibly triggering such disadvantages as Berserk and Bloodlust!

This advantage is usually only appropriate in a silly campaign!

Rapier Wit

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