Security Clearance


A government agency or corporation trusts you with access to sensitive information that would otherwise be “off limits” to someone of your Rank or Status. For instance, a general “cleared” for military secrets commen- surate with his Military Rank would
not have to buy Security Clearance separately, but a civilian with exactly the same level of access would have to pay points for the privilege.

Point cost depends on your degree of access:

• You have access to a relatively narrow range of secrets on a “need to know” basis. Example: a strategic bomber pilot, who might know secrets about aircraft, weapons, and targets. 5 points.
• You have either free access to a narrow range of secrets or “need to know” access to a broad range of secrets. Example: a counterintelligence officer, who would have limited
access to many secrets, as part of his job is to protect them. 10 points.
• You have free access to a broad range of secrets. Example: a cinematic secret agent, who will know almost any secret the plot requires him to know. 15 points.

Halve these values (round up) if the organization that grants the Security Clearance is of relatively minor importance (e.g., a small corporation or municipal government).

You cannot receive a security clearance without a thorough background check. The GM is free to forbid this advantage to any PC who has a suspicious past (including such traits as Debt or Secret) or an unstable personality (for instance, Paranoia or Sadism).

Security Clearance

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