Defaults: IQ-4 or Survival-2.

This is the ability to use natural materials, special fabrics and paints, etc. to hide yourself, your position, or your equipment. To see through your camouflage, an observer must win a Quick Contest of Vision or Observation skill (p. 211) vs. your Camouflage skill.

Depending on the circumstances, successful camouflage might hide its subject entirely or merely blur its outlines to make it harder to hit (-1 to attacker’s skill). Camouflage will not improve your Stealth roll, but if you fail a Stealth roll while camouflaged,
those who heard you must still see through your camouflage to see you.

Modifiers: Equipment modifiers (p. 345). Apply a penalty equal to the Size Modifier of a large object (e.g., -5 for a tank with SM +5). This makes it difficult to camouflage large objects, but remember that distant observers suffer large Vision penalties for range – see Vision (p. 358).


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