Defaults: DX-5, Net-4, or Shield (any)-4.

This is the skill of using a cloak or a cape as a weapon. It covers the use of two types of cloak: the waist-length “light cloak” (any cloak, cape, or coat weighing less than 5 lbs.) and the full-length “heavy cloak” (any cloak weighing 5 lbs. or more).

Offensively, you can use a cloak to entangle an opponent – see Special Melee Weapon Rules (p. 404) for details. You can also snap a cloak in your opponent’s face or simply use it to block his vision, either of which counts as a Feint maneuver.

You can snap a cloak in your opponent’s face or use it to block his vision; treat either as a Feint (see Feint, p. 365). You can also use a cloak to grapple. Roll against Cloak skill to hit;
reach is C, 1. Otherwise, treat this just like an unarmed grapple (see Grappling, p. 370).

Defensively, a cloak works much like a shield. It provides a Defense Bonus (+1 if light, +2 if heavy) and gives a Block defense equal to (skill/2) + 3, rounded down. A cloak is not as robust as a shield, though! A light cloak has only DR 1 and 3 HP, while a heavy cloak has DR 1 and 5 HP.


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