-5 points*

You are naturally very inquisitive. This is not the curiosity that affects all PCs (“What’s in that cave? Where did the flying saucer come from?”), but the real thing (“What happens if I push this button?”).

Make a self-control roll when presented with an interesting item or situation. If you fail, you examine it – push buttons, pull levers, open doors, unwrap presents, etc. – even if you know it could be dangerous. Good roleplayers won’t try to make this roll
very often . . .

In general, you do everything in your power to investigate any situation with which you aren’t 100% familiar. When faced with a real mystery, you simply cannot turn your back
on it. You try to rationalize your curiosity to others who try to talk you out of it. Common Sense doesn’t help – you know you are taking a risk, but you’re curious anyway!


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