Default: DX-6.

This is the ability to slip out of ropes, handcuffs, and similar restraints. The first attempt to escape takes one minute; each subsequent attempt takes 10 minutes.

The GM may apply a penalty for particularly secure bonds. For instance, modern police handcuffs would give -5 to Escape. You suffer only half these penalties if you dislocate the restrained limb (usually an arm). This requires (20 – skill) minutes of concentration, minimum one minute and a Will roll. However, if you fail your Escape roll by 3 or more when dislocating a limb, the limb suffers 1d damage. On a critical failure,
you automatically take enough damage to cripple the limb!

Modifiers: +3 for Flexibility or +5 for Double-Jointed (p. 56); any bonus for Slippery (p. 85).


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