Defaults: Special.

This is not one skill, but an entire collection of skills – one per class of closely related melee weapons. Melee Weapon skills are based on DX, and default to DX-4 if Easy, DX-5 if Average, or DX-6 if Hard. See specific skill descriptions for other defaults.

Make a Melee Weapon roll to hit an opponent in combat. You may also use these skills to parry. Your Parry defense is (skill/2) + 3, rounded down.

Melee weapons fall into broad categories on the basis of overall balance and function. When a rule refers to one of these categories, it applies to all weapons in that category and all Melee Weapon skills used to wield them. For instance, “fencing weapons” means “all weapons used with any of Main-Gauche, Rapier, Saber, or Smallsword skill.”

A flail is any flexible, unbalanced weapon with its mass concentrated in the head. Such a weapon cannot parry if you have already attacked with it on your turn. Because flails tend to wrap around the target’s shield or weapon, attempts to block them are at -2 and attempts to parry them are at -4. Fencing weapons and knives cannot parry them at all! An unarmed fighter can parry a flail, but at -4 in addition to any penalty for parrying unarmed.

The skills in this category default to one another at -3.

Flail (DX/Hard): Any one-handed flail, such as a morningstar or nunchaku. Default: Axe/Mace-4.

Two-Handed Flail (DX/Hard): Any two-handed flail. Defaults: Kusari-4 or Two-Handed Axe/Mace-4.

A weapon with a length of chain between the handle and the head is a “flail.” Because of the chain, a flail can wrap around a foe’s weapon or shield when he tries to defend against it. Any attempt to parry a flail is at -4; fencing weapons, with their light blades, cannot parry flails at all! Even a shield is less useful against a flail: all blocks are at -2.


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