Default: DX-4.

This is the ability to strangle a victim with a rope or a wire. See Special Melee Weapon Rules (p. 404) for details. Note that you cannot use a garrote to parry.

A “garrote” is a cord or wire used for strangling. You can only use it on an unaware or helpless victim, and you must attack from behind (this often requires Stealth rolls!).

Once you are in position, roll against Garrote skill to hit. You must target the neck, at the usual -5 to hit. In most cases, your target is unaware, so you can safely make an All-Out Attack (Determined) for +4 to hit.

The victim may attempt to parry with his hand or a ready close-combat weapon, but he does so at -3. Unless he has Combat Reflexes, he is most likely mentally stunned, for an additional -4 to his defense roll. On a success, he manages to put his hand or weapon between his throat and the garrote. The hand takes no damage unless you are using a wire garrote.

On the turn of the attack and every subsequent turn, you may choke the victim (see Actions After a Grapple, p. 370), and get +3 to ST in the ensuing Quick Contest. Treat the damage as crushing (x1.5 to the neck) for a rope garrote, cutting (x2 to the neck)
for a wire one. In addition, your victim starts to suffocate (see Suffocation, p. 436). To break free, the victim must win a Quick Contest of ST-5, Judo-3, or Wrestling-3 against your Garrote skill.

An improvised garrote (almost any piece of rope) gives -2 to skill. A wire garrote must be equipped with handles, or you will take thrust/cutting damage to each hand!


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