Defaults: IQ -6 and others.

This is the scientific study of quantities and magnitudes, and their relationships and attributes, through the use of numbers and symbols. You must specialize:

Applied: The branch of mathematics that interacts directly with the physical sciences and engineering, dealing with mathematical models of the behavior of physical systems. Defaults: Engineer (any)-5 or Physics-5.

Computer Science: The theoretical study of data structures and computation. Roll vs. skill to answer questions about what is possible with computers. This gives you no special ability to use computers! Default: Computer Programming-5.

Cryptology: The mathematical study of codes and ciphers. This gives you a theoretical understanding of encryption schemes, including how they change with TL and why some schemes are more effective than others. To create or break codes, use Cryptography skill (p. 186). Default: Cryptography-5.

Pure: Generic “academic” mathematics. Make a skill roll to answer any math-related question not covered by another specialty. Pure mathematics encompasses dozens of obscure sub-fields that will never affect the game. If you must be an expert in something like “non-selfadjoint operator algebras,” you may further note an optional specialty (p. 169).

Statistics: The science of assembling and analyzing data for the purpose of calculating probabilities, constructing models, and making forecasts. Roll vs. skill to determine the odds of a particular outcome, given sufficient data about similar situations in the past.

Surveying: The science of determining the area of a portion of the Earth’s surface, the lengths and directions of the bounding lines, and the contour of the surface. Make a skill roll to determine the dimensions of any area you can see. More complex determinations require specialized equipment. Defaults: Cartography -3 or Navigation (any)-4.

These specialties default to one another at -5.


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