Defaults: IQ-6 and others.

This is the skill of preparing medicines to treat illness. (To work with noxious drugs, use Poisons skill, p. 214.) You must specialize:

Herbal: The ability to make and administer remedies prepared from plants. Make a Naturalist roll to locate herbs. Before TL5, this is the only specialty available. It replaces Physician (below) and is frequently used in conjunction with Esoteric Medicine (p. 192). At TL5+, this specialty remains available, but Pharmacy (Synthetic) is much more common. Prerequisite: Naturalist. Defaults: Biology-5, Herb Lore-5, or Naturalist-5.

Synthetic: The skill of preparing drugs under “laboratory” conditions. To prescribe drugs, use Physician skill. This specialty is only available at TL5+. Defaults: Chemistry -5 or Physician -5.


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